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Cafe Hours 

Monday - Friday ~ 11:00AM - 3:00PM

Retail Sales Hours

Monday - Friday ~ 11:00AM - 5:30PM

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Cafe Hours
Hot Foods Prepared To Order
Monday - Friday ~ 11:00AM-3:00PM

Retail Sales Hours
Monday - Friday ~ 11:00AM-5:30PM

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signature Filo Wraps
in favor of traditional wraps we use our house made filo dough stuffed with our signature fillings & grilled to order

Beef Kebab

Spiced all natural beef*, red peppers, onions, garlic, feta, mozzarella, cilantro and house-made pickled carrots 7.25

Chicken shawarma

Pan seared all natural chicken* with shawarma spices, garlic, lemon zest, mozzarella cheese and house-made pickled carrots 6.85

CHICKEN BASIL & roasted red pepper

Pan seared all natural chicken* with basil, garlic, roasted red peppers and mozzarella 6.85

spinach & cheese

Sauteed fresh spinach, onions, garlic, peppers, feta and mozzarella 5.95

Portobello & hummus (v)

Sautéed portobello mushrooms, mint, basil and house-made hummus 5.95


Hearty salad BOWLs
Instead of a filo wrap, we serve our signature fillings over chilled mixed greens, with quinoa and yogurt

Chicken shawarma

Pan seared all natural chicken* seasoned with shawarma spices and house-made pickled carrots 8.75

CHICKEN Basil & roasted red pepper

Pan seared all natural chicken* seasoned with basil, garlic and topped with roasted red peppers


*We are committed to only serving all natural hormone & antibiotic free beef and chicken.

Signature aissa sweets


Classic Walnut, Chocolate Walnut, Coconut Chocolate, Raspberry creme
4.99/4.5oz container
20.50/24oz box

Stuffed cookies (Mamoul)

Date-filled or Raspberry-filled Mamoul
4.99/ 8oz bag (4ct)


spring water 1.00

Carbonated Water 1.25 

Hot Coffee 2.25
organic & Fair trade

NItro flow cold Brew coffee 3.25
Organic & Fair trade, on draft!

Hot Tea 1.49
ORGANIC & fair trade, Various

Maine Root Sodas 2.99
Organic & Fair trade cane juice

Kombucha 3.99
Organic, various, micro-brewed in Vt!



Large platter (fits 20-25 wraps), Small platter (fits 10-15)

Sweet platter (SM) 25 pieces 30.00

Sweet platter (LG) 50 pieces 60.00

Additional charge may apply for platters

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