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We are proud to announce that we are now able to ship our sweets globally. UPS will successfully deliver products from our storefront to your doorstep overseas. 

Please fill out this information to receive an invoice of the order total with shipping costs included. Further instructions for order completion will be sent via a follow-up email. 

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Tasting Box

Item# 5000

4 oz. 

Mamoul (cookies filled with dates or cranberries)

Item# 5024 Date

Item# 5025 Cranberry

10 oz. 

from 42.00

Pistachio Baklava 

Item# 5055

16 oz.

Chocolate Cashew Baklava

Item# 5062

16 oz. 

NOTE: Before placing your order, please carefully review our Policies. Please also allow 2-3 weeks for production before your order will ship. 

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